South Carolina Attorney Kenneth Berger  | Quality Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatristsWhile attorney Kenny Berger recognized the quality of work that Foster Web Marketing put out, he was more impressed by the shared values, and most importantly, the prioritization of the client. He shares the reasons why he chose FWM as a web provider and marketing partner:

“We knew that the quality of the work we were doing, we wanted it to be as high as it could possibly be, and in terms of quality, we wanted it to be across the board so that when people searched for us, when they were checking our online brand, we wanted our image to match the quality of our legal work.

We went and took a look at some other companies, some larger companies, and some companies that were making big pitches on us, and telling us all the things they could do and making promises about the first page of Google—not telling us how they would do it or how long we’d be there or if it’d even happen because they were leaving our office and going to the lawyer next door and telling him or her the same thing—but we felt like you all were the type of people we wanted to work with, it felt like a family.

It felt like, not only did you know what you were doing, but there was stability in the company, you guys weren’t going anywhere, and if there was ever an issue you were going to put your client first the same way we did. We saw a lot of the things you were doing business-wise, a lot of the principles and core values that you all had, and they felt familiar because it was the same thing we were doing.”

Kenny Berger