My partner and I had tried marketing on our own. We’d farmed out some work, even hired different companies from the West Coast to market for us, but we didn’t have much success.

“Luckily for us my sister had lots of experience with web-based marketing and was willing to help us in our search for the right marketing firm for our Las Vegas personal injury practice. Together we searched, searched, and then searched some more. What we were looking for was a marketing person who had experience with personal injury firms in cities similar to Las Vegas but not in Las Vegas. We wanted someone from the outside, someone who could offer something new; something better.

“The name that we came upon, again and again, was Foster Web Marketing. And this wasn’t a trick of Google. We found that name on many of the websites that we liked; they were the common denominator.”

Foster Gets Attorneys

Are you tired of looking for a marketing firm who gets attorneys? Who knows what it takes to not just improve your site but fix your online presence and finally get you the cases you need to grow your practice?

Then call 888-886-0939 and find out exactly what we can do for you!


Justin L. Wilson