Jonathan Cooper, New York lawyerCan you imagine anything more discouraging than waiting for your phone to ring, knowing that your law firm is at the brink of failure?

That was the crisis moment for New York lawyer, Jonathan Cooper. He was nearing the end of his rope when he started following some of Tom Foster’s advice for growing his law firm.

The Success Formula for Growing Your Practice

What’s the one thing that brought Jonathan Cooper out of the brink of disaster? “Content is king,” he says. When he started adding content consistently to his website, targeting niche practice areas, he started seeing a surge of desirable clients calling his firm.

The key solution that Jonathan Cooper found to make adding content on a regular basis simple was DSS, the Dynamic Self-Syndication system offered by Foster Web Marketing. “I couldn’t recommend it more highly,” Jonathan says.

It was through following Tom Foster’s advice, and implementing a strategic, easy-to-manage content solution in his law firm that Jonathan Cooper saw his leads triple. Now, he gets 3 to 4 high-quality leads from his website calling his law firm every week.

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Jonathan Cooper