There’Lawyer at Price & Randles a distinct shift taking place in legal marketing these days. Your clients now actively seek out valuable information from the lawyers they work with, while avoiding the large ads splattered across phone book covers, billboards, and television screens.

One Missouri personal injury law firm made the change to a more value based approach to marketing their legal practice, and has not looked back since.

“We looked around at the various marketing companies that were available and we saw that Foster was providing something that other companies weren’t providing. They’re providing a way for us to communicate information to our clients. We were tired of the ‘Hey, if we have a bigger ad, we must be better lawyers!’ We would rather provide information to our clients than just provide a bigger ad and Foster was a way we recognized could help us do that.”

Another factor that drew the lawyers at Price & Randle in to Foster Web Marketing was how easy it is to update their website with new information. With the DSS, Dynamic Self Syndication system, they are able to quickly add information, make updates, and keep their clients informed on the latest happenings in Missouri law.

“The DSS system was something that looked like we could interact with our website on a daily basis, and not need a lot of computer knowledge to do it. That’ll allow us to blog better, put on our own videos easier, and do all of the things we’ve always wanted to be able to do on our website but not been able to do.”

Looking for an easier way to get information to your clients? Call us today for a consultation and get started providing a better service to the people who need you.


Matthew Price