An Inside Look at What Makes a Law Firm Successful

Although many law firms take only the large cases that could make them a lot of money, Hupy and Abraham have a different motto. To give you an inside look at how their law firm has been successful, Tom Foster sits down with Jason Abraham, managing partner of the firm, to discuss the types of cases they take and what it takes to grow a law firm.

By wanting to make a difference in people’s lives, Hupy and Abraham decided from the very beginning to take any case—big or small—in which people are injured by no fault of their own. By trying to make a difference on an individual basis, they have built their firm case by case. Starting with one office, they now have eleven law offices in three different states with 130 employees.

Not only do they have past clients giving them great referrals, but they have surrounded themselves with exerts to take their law firm to the next level. At Foster Web Marketing, we have enjoyed promoting the great work of Hupy and Abraham and being a part of their successes, and we would love the opportunity to promote your legal practice. Learn how our law firm website design services, custom content plans, web video production, and SEO efforts can transform your law firm. To find out more, contact us at 888.886.0939 or online at

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