Are You Ignoring the Surest Way to Web Success on Your Lawyer Website?

You don't have content because you don't like to write, don't see the value, or you simply don't have time. Those are all acceptable - except for the middle one. Google itself says content is king. Google begs you, stop over-SEOing your webpages. Just add content! But what to people do- they go add content & every other word is "personal injury attorney". How can you read that? It's an obvious scam to get those keywords.

So don't do that anymore, you'll get hurt. Google will say "over optimization penalty, you're gone. " If you have done it, undo it. If you have SEO people that you're like, "I pay someone $1000, they are the SEO person, I don't know what's going on." You better know what's going on with your SEO. Don't you pay attention to your cases? What if that person you're paying $1,000 has just got a bunch of links from Thailand , all coming to your website, complertely irrelevant. And then you're like "why am I gone from page one?" Well, cause that SEO guy screwed you over. Know who's on your team, what's going on with your website. It's your responsibility!

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