Writing a book about bankruptcy isn't hard. What is hard is writing a book about bankruptcy that people will want to read. The key is to address and relieve your ideal clients’ fears through stories of successful bankruptcy cases.

First, tell people how to stop their pain. What most people considering bankruptcy want is an end to a terrible situation. They want creditors to stop calling, an end to home foreclosure, their wages to not be garnished, and they want to prevent vehicle repossession. Address these concerns in your book and you’ll have an irresistible offer for your perfect client.

Then, let them know that they are not alone. By the time a person considerers hiring an attorney, their outlook is bleak. Let them know that they can get through this, and that they can come out better than when they started. To do so, make each chapter a story of a person who came out of bankruptcy and not only survived, but thrived with your help.

The goal when writing a bankruptcy book is to give people hope – hope that there is an answer to their problems, hope that you can turn their situation around.  A well-written, compelling book can convince them that their lives will be vastly improved by hiring you to help them. Avoid legalese or talking too much about yourself.

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