Attorney Kevin Mottley Explains His Journey to Foster Web Marketing

In this video, Richmond attorney Kevin Mottley explains how he became a client at Foster Web Marketing. After hearing about Foster Web Marketing from attorney Ben Glass, Kevin increasingly took interest in the FWM record of success.

What stood out? "A lot of other successful attorneys are using Foster Web Marketing to educate their clients or potential clients about what they do for them," he says. But it went beyond that; a central tenet of Foster Web Marketing's program is to educate our partners about effective marketing techniques and tools. Our education-based marketing approach works for law firms, medical practices, product sales, and service businesses throughout the United States.

Kevin opened his firm in 2009 and followed Foster Web Marketing for a few years before deciding to become a client; since then, he too has found success in his firm's online marketing. For information on how Foster Web Marketing can transform your business web presence, give us a call at 888.886.0939.