Why You Should Never Invest in an Unproven Legal Marketing Solution Again

Like so many other people who have been trying to get their practices to fulfill what they want to accomplish in life, I’d been searching for the right answers to find the right model to develop my practice. Five or six years ago I got a telephone call from a fellow by the name of Bob Battle. At that point in time, I really was not receptive to the message that he was giving. I went out and did a lot of other things, like Bob likes to describe, “random chance marketing,” “smd,” “monkey see, monkey do.” I spent a lot of money marketing. I had no return on investment. I was desperate, frustrated, unhappy.

I ended up going online and seeing Bob Battle. It was a Foster Web Marketing website. I did some research. I connected that with Great Legal Marketing. I did some more research because I had been beaten up. I was really not wanting to get put in the same situation again where I spent 20, 30, 40 thousand dollars over a period of time and not get a result. What I found is, I had the benefit of all those failures. Putting that knowledge to work, when I really looked at what was going on with Foster Web Marketing and Great Legal Marketing, I knew that I had found the right place for me.