Bob Battle Tells Why You Should Upgrade Your Lawyer Website

Foster Web Marketing CEO Tom Foster interviews the well-known Virginia lawyer Bob Battle in this video about his recent experience upgrading his firm’s website.

Bob Battle often urgently takes advantage of the benefits that a site redesign provides. In his most recent upgrade, his goal was to improve navigation by making the site easier to read and by improving access to the online content. Navigation was improved by displaying strings of his filmed video, in addition to his various articles.

While there are many reasons to keep a lawyer website fully upgraded, one of the most important reasons is to make the site more user-friendly. Usability is an incredibly important feature as it allows the user to have a longer and more pleasant online experience—which translates into a higher conversion rate and can generate more leads.

Bob Battle continues by praising the hard-working, cutting-edge, and competitive culture at Foster Web Marketing. This culture is reflected in the final product that is delivered to Foster Web Marketing clients. Bob Battle states that his clients and fellow lawyers alike often tell him how great his website looks.

If you are looking to establish or improve your lawyer website and want to achieve excellent lead generation and high conversion rates, set up a meeting today with Foster Web Marketing by calling 888.886.0939. Or visit to upgrade your site today!

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