Do You Know How to Define & Attract Your Perfect Client?

When the phone rings, how often is your ideal client on the other end of the call? Chances are, you’re spending too much time talking to and working with people who are not the right fit for your law firm.

The way you market yourself, both in your community and online, can save you from these time-draining phone calls and meetings. Instead of attracting a broad range of clients, you can hone your marketing to attract the perfect clients to your business, saving you valuable time and effort.

To do this, you have to define what the perfect client looks like in your business.

Defining the perfect client is not as easy it seems. Although you may have an idea of the general demographics—age, income level, or gender—what you really need to take your marketing to the next level is a deep understanding of what makes your perfect client tick.

To get to know your ideal clients better, here are a few questions you should answer about them:

  • What keeps them up at night, worried about the future?
  • What is it that makes them look for legal help?
  • What do they value most in their life?
  • Why do they ultimately pick up the phone to call your law firm?

The answers to these questions can help you obtain a deeper understanding of what it is that drives them to want to do business with you.

The more you get to know your perfect client’s thoughts, feelings, and values, the better you can target your marketing to that specific type of person. As you market your law firm online, in the community, or in any other type of advertising, it is important to keep this perfect client in mind. In all of your marketing efforts, speak directly to that perfect client. That way, you can attract more of the right people to your business and spend less time working with potential clients who aren’t the right fit for your law firm.