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So, because of our practice we talk to a lot of lawyers both locally and candidly across the country. Many of them ask us “Well what do you do as far as your website and your videos? How do you guys market your firm?” because they know that we don’t advertise. We’re not on TV, we’re not in the yellow pages, we don’t do pay per click, and we’re not on the side of a bus. We don’t do any paid advertising.

We work only with Foster Web Marketing and here’s why: Tom Foster and his group get it. They understand what you’re trying to do when you represent people and you don’t have an insurance company or some other large corporation sending you clients. They know that education based marketing is the best way to go by far and they help you do it, probably because that’s what they do themselves.

They will help you through their video studio in Fairfax with Jim Folliard. They’ll prepare all of your videos so that they aren’t just “Hey! Look at me, I’m a lawyer, I’m so great!” but they really dig down into trying to get you the kind of clients you want to represent. We also have a Foster Web Marketing website that we’ve written every single word on. That’s because they have a system called DSS (dynamic self-syndication) that allows up to update our site in real time.  We can add videos, pictures, blogs, and testimonials; everything that our clients and potential clients are looking for. Three or four times a week someone will call, come in, or email and say “Hey, I really like your website.” Not because it’s glitzy or glamorous, but because it has so much good information.

That’s what Foster Web Marketing really encourages lawyers, podiatrists or any other professionals to do in order to help them get the kinds of cases, clients or patients that they want.

Are You A Lawyer Or podiatrist Who Needs To Get More Clients?

If you've been trying to get more leads, more clients or patients, and you're not sure how to get there, Foster Web Marketing is here to help. Contact us online or call our office directly at 866.497.6199 to schedule your free consultation. We have been helping clients throughout the United States and internationally since 1998 and are confident we can help you not only reach, but exceed your goals.

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