Dr. Brad Schaeffer is a Board Certified Podiatric Surgeon and has established a private practice located in Central Park, New York, called SOLE. He is also the co-host of TLC’s show My Feet Are Killing Me, where he showcases his medical expertise with compassion and professionalism. Dr. Schaeffer is admired for his dedication to helping patients by continuously developing his surgical techniques and medical practice.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Dr. Brad Schaeffer shares his athletic background and what it was like starting a medical career
  • How important is social media for entrepreneurs and private practitioners?
  • Dr. Schaeffer’s insights on accurately conveying your business vision through marketing strategies
  • The benefits of developing your marketing education
  • Dr. Schaeffer’s advice on maintaining a healthy work-life balance

In this episode…

When creating a business, there’s always one question of great importance: How can you make your practice stand out?

Though most business owners find themselves at a loss when trying to answer that question, it’s not an impossible task. Expanding your understanding of marketing strategies is important for managing your long-term career goals and executing your business vision. And who better to help you build an outstanding business than an experienced marketing coach?

In this episode of The World of Marketing, Tom Foster Jr. welcomes Dr. Brad Schaeffer, Board Certified Podiatric Surgeon. They discuss Dr. Schaeffer’s impressive career background, the best ways to leverage social media to your advantage, how to create powerful marketing strategies that convey an authentic business vision, and the benefits of expanding your marketing knowledge. Dr. Schaeffer also shares his best practices for avoiding burnout and maintaining a happy life.

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