This week, we're remastering one of our favorite episodes from this time last year.

Jim Heininger is the Rebrand Man! He's the mind behind Rebranding Experts, a Chicago-based agency focused on breathing new life into companies such as P&G, McDonald's, and more! With 30 years of branding strategy experience, he has designed the methodology used by his team to facilitate corporate rebrands. His multi-pronged approach to branding is the secret sauce behind the successful shifts that every company wants to see when faced with a need to adapt.

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn

  • What is Branding / Rebranding?
  • Famous Rebrandings
  • Refresh vs Reposition vs Rebrand
  • Law Firm Branding
  • How Jim Got Started in Rebranding
  • Reflecting Your Values & Goals
  • Rebrand Marketing Tactics
  • Notable Rebranding Experts Success
  • Measuring Success
  • Rebranding Mistakes to Avoid
  • Jim's Mentors
  • Podcast & Book Recommendations

A successful rebrand involves so much more than a new logo or a name change for a business. Market research and an audit of associations the current brand has in the minds of consumers are necessary to get the ball rolling. Understanding the nuances of brand strategy, design and identity, corporate and leadership communications, change management, customer experience design, and marketing and public relations is key to standing up a new brand for consumers to latch on to and relate to. Learn more about the philosophy of rebranding with Jim Heininger!

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