Kristina Schneider is a Practice Success Coach with The Ultimate Estate Planner. She and Attorney Philip J. Kavesh guide estate planning professionals such as attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, and more to reach their firm's greatest potential in the market today. She provides insights and resources to clients in the program for building a stronger, more sustainable business and marketing strategy. She has taught some of the most important topics for building a firm, including but not limited to practice management, calendar and time management, and social media marketing. With 19 years of experience under her belt, she is a voice to be heard for anyone in the estate planning realm of law and finance!

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn

0:00 Introduction
2:14 Working with Philip Kavesh
3:40 The Ultimate Level
5:!7 Teaching Consistent Principles
6:41 The Business of Law
8:20 Personalized Consultation
12:59 The Next Ultimate Level Event
14:22 Additional Resources
15:45 Implementation Session
16:40 Ongoing Implementation Assistance
17:48 Legal Personal Trainers
20:32 Sustainable Results
22:21 Issues with Client Maintenance
23:01 What to Expect at Ultimate Level
26:48 Importance of Continued Mentorship
29:48 Take Action Now!
32:55 Closing Thoughts

The Ultimate Level program is a 2-day, intensive MBA-like course for estate planning professionals. Post-course implementation sessions are available to help firm owners kickstart what they've learned into operation. Many first time students come alone, but it is not rare to see returning clients bring more of their staff to help delineate the Ultimate Level's message across the entire practice. To learn more, please visit  

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Kristina Schneider of The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc.

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