Vance Morris is a former leader at Walt Disney World where he rose through the ranks across the company’s different resorts. Upon leaving, he took his knowledge of Disney’s customer service to find a way to bring it into outside industries. He now works as a business coach operated through his business, Deliver Service Now. The company provides tours of Disney World to business owners looking to improve the user experience they provide clients and customers through their own businesses. Whether you run a maid service or a financial planning firm, you will find great insight from what he has to share!

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn

0:00 Introduction

3:08 The Vance Morris Timeline

7:17 Dealing With Bankruptcy

9:30 Beyond Carpet Cleaning

10:24 Starting The Disney XPerience

11:39 What is The Disney XPerience?

12:52 Thinking Outside the Box

15:08 The Business of Making Memories

20:12 Actors Can’t Have a Bad Night

22:34 Outlining the Disney XPerience

27:43 The Implementation Blueprint

29:02 How to Have the Disney XPerience

Deliver Service Now provides their state of the art, 3-day business accelerator service bootcamp for those looking to improve their competitive edge in their respective industries. Sign up for the next Disney XPerience taking place if you’re interested in finding out how to bring the magical service of Walt Disney World Resorts to your business! At the time this episode was released, the upcoming event is to take place October 5, 6, and 7, 2023.

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Vance Morris of Deliver Service Now

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