Sarah Allen is a Partner Program Manager at Ruby, a Foster Web Marketing partner agency for virtual receptionist and 24/7 chat services. As a Partner Program Manager, she works with agencies such as ours to expand SMBs’ communication capacity for superior customer service and lead turnaround time. If you need an after-hours receptionist service or responsive chat functionality for your website, Ruby is a first-stop provider.

On this episode, Sarah and Tom discuss Ruby’s new book, The X-Pectation Files, which uncovers the truth about what it takes for small-to-medium-sized businesses to have optimized customer service!

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn

0:14 Introduction

1:43 The X-Pectation Files

3:23 Value of Customer Service

6:54 Importance of Response Time

9:01 Three Strikes & You’re Out

11:17 Drawbacks of Automation

14:52 Importance of Phone Calls

16:34 Importance of Real-Time Communication

22:15 Working Empathetically

20:58 Wrapping Up

The X-Pectation Files covers several myths surrounding customer service in the modern age. It provides clear-cut answers to those questions everyone considers when either working on their customer service in-house or looking for a third-party provider. If you have been struggling to understand the secrets to strong customer service, Ruby can tell you that the truth is out there…

Speakers Featured in This Episode

- Tom Foster of Foster Web Marketing
- Sarah Allen of Ruby

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