Alex Makarski is the founder of and MeasureBit, an AI-powered digital advertising agency and a data integration and analytics company, respectively. Hailing from the former Soviet Union, Alex originally studied to be an engineer. However, he now splits his time between Canada and Mexico after successfully shifting his scientific training to the realm of digital marketing. 

Alex utilizes machine learning to improve the programmatic video, display, and search ads his clients rely on to find success in their own ventures, and he offers clients integration solutions that unlock the full potential of their built-up user and conversion data. In this episode, Tom sits down with him for a deeply insightful and fascinating discussion of how algorithmic tools and AI can be applied to everyone’s digital campaigns.

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn

0:13 Introduction

1:38 How Alex Got Started

4:00 Alex’s Companies

7:01 Working With Machine Learning

11:52 Training Algorithmic Tools

15:02 Advice for Law Firms

21:51 Staying Up to Date in Marketing

23:43 Marketing Agency Red Flags

24:21 Staying Grounded in Marketing

28:46 Closing Thoughts

Artificial intelligence, more aptly referred to as “machine learning,” is ingrained within the digital advertising space. As time goes on, it’s become increasingly relevant in the analytics space, as well. and MeasureBit are two vendors that offer different sides of the spectrum for companies looking to make the most of their data and expand their reach strategically and efficiently.

Speakers Featured in This Episode

- Tom Foster of Foster Web Marketing
- Alex Makarski of and MeasureBit

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