Kevin Burnes is a professional guitarist, sound engineer, and personal trainer. His backstory is one that will astound anyone who listens to this episode. From spending time recording and working with Don Dokken (yes! THAT Don Dokken) to several other rock and jazz outfits, Kevin has done it all.

While this is not your average World of Marketing podcast episode, it certainly offers something special for our audience. Get into the mind of a creative, an artist, and a passionate worker in his field to understand what goes into the life and labor of a professional artist.

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn

0:14 Introduction

4:50 How Kevin Got Started

8:10 Musical Inspirations

9:53 Guitar Collections

12:22 Playing With Bands

16:22 How Kevin Stays Centered

19:16 Daily Rituals and Routines

20:54 What’s Next for Kevin

28:02 Closing Thoughts

Do you relate to Kevin’s philosophies and experiences? He’s a man that has gone through so much within his own industry. While putting this episode together, we couldn’t help but think about all the parallels between working in the music industry and starting a legal or podiatry practice. There is a sense of purpose and belonging that you need to be successful in anything you do. So, take a page out of Kevin Burnes’ book to see how you can shift your mindset to turn your work into an art. 

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