Carolyn Walker is the CEO and Managing Partner of Response, an independent marketing agency in New Haven, CT. Carolyn honed her skills over 20 years in senior management, building revenues and maximizing market competitiveness for multi-million and multi-billion dollar corporations. Today, she and Response develop cutting-edge marketing solutions to expand their clients’ reach into new markets by introducing new channels and opportunities to get the word out. She’s a champion of bold ideas, an agent of change, and a firm believer that marketing is not the savior but the amplifier.

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn

0:14 Introduction

2:51 Response Marketing

6:00 Working With CorelDRAW

7:06 Working With McAfee

10:12 The Hackable? Podcast

13:14 Attracting Big Brands

14:43 Marketing Professional Services

18:58 Experience-Based Branding

20:06 Performance Marketing

22:52 Experience and Memory

26:32 Creating Excitement

28:45 Developing a Branded Podcast

35:04 Marketing Is an Investment

36:34 Past Mistakes

37:50 Mentors

39:39 Podcast Recommendations

40:29 Conference Recommendations

42:26 Rituals and Routines

47:05 Closing Thoughts

Everyone knows the traditional marketing channels: website, video, social media, email, SMS, etc. When the world of marketing (nudge nudge) is as saturated as it is today, a bold idea like developing a new podcast or creating an emotionally engaging brand campaign to reach a completely new audience or shift your practice’s positioning could be the secret to success. This is Response’s specialty. If you want your business to punch above its weight class, we urge you to pay attention to what Carolyn has to say.

Speakers Featured in This Episode

- Tom Foster of Foster Web Marketing
- Carolyn Walker of Response

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