Marco Salinas is an author, a longtime student of marketing legend Dan Kennedy, and an all-around marketing guru in his own right. Hailing out of San Antonio, Texas, he is a media marketing consultant, a podcast producer, and a host at Business Innovators Radio Network. His influence has spread throughout Texas' major markets and beyond. When you listen to him, you're listening to experience, expertise, and a tried-and-true marketing genius.

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn

0:13 Introduction

1:44 How Marco Got Started

4:38 Introduction to Dan Kennedy

6:26 Marco's Clients

7:46 Marketing Strategies

10:25 Marco's Mentors

12:37 Podcast Recommendations

15:49 Past Marketing Mistakes

17:51 Success Stories

20:39 Closing Thoughts

Marco has several different ventures of his own in play, namely Expert Publishing Associates and Pina Colada Media. Whether your marketing is focused on the written word or the verbal language, he has a solution for your marketing needs. Understanding your audience is key in marketing, and a major aspect of this is knowing how they learn best—and since we typically learn through our eyes or our ears, Marco has everyone covered! Understanding the best way to get your message across to your market is the secret to success. Be sure to check out Marco's work and see how he can assist you with yours!

Speakers Featured in This Episode

- Tom Foster of Foster Web Marketing
- Marco Salinas of Expert Publishing Associates and Pina Colada Media

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