Dave Valentine is a visionary entrepreneur who owns seven businesses that have collectively generated more than one billion dollars for over 1000 clients, including major brands like Target, Time magazine, and American Express. Motivated by a health scare, he shifted his approach to scaling his businesses and now runs them from a serene mountain house by a river with three waterfalls. With a focus on conscious capitalism and investing in people, Dave aims to employ over 200,000 individuals and reclaim freedom from the influence of greedy individuals and corporations.

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn

0:14 Introduction

1:46 How Dave Got Started

3:02 Dave’s Businesses

4:57 Sustaining a Creative Business

7:32 Creative Playbooks

8:34 Health Setback & Comeback

12:29 Landing Big Clients

15:30 Other Companies

16:45 Marketing a Flight School

19:05 The Business of Video Reviews

22:31 Long Tail Pro

24:11 VHS Design & Defined Branding

25:49 Other Companies (Redux)

27:17 The Marketer’s Mind

29:07 Closing Thoughts

With a handful of businesses in play and several sales under his belt already, it’s clear that Dave Valentine knows a little something about reaching success. Through his Agency Growth Summit, his upcoming book, and his business coaching, he’s interested in sharing his wealth of knowledge and insights with you. Take a look at his website to find out more about how he can get you on the path to success by bringing you into his mindset!

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