Jack Grimes is an Army Cavalry soldier turned lawyer. Or, wait a minute—it’s actually the other way around! Jack has the unique experience of attending law school and THEN heading into the military. As he says, he had an itch he couldn’t scratch and knew the only way he would be able to rest is if he enlisted. Today, he has been commissioned as an Air Force JAG Corps Lieutenant Colonel while he runs his private practice in Northern Virginia. He’s a man that stands for upholding the law in every aspect of his life.

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn

0:00 Introduction

3:17 Military Experience

4:53 Why Jack Enlisted

6:45 Working in the JAG Office

10:20 Why Jack Went to Law School

12:57 Lessons Learned From the Military

16:32 Military Education Benefits

18:29 Working With Private Citizens 

20:43 Choosing a Legal Field

23:34 Career Advice for Veterans

24:54 Pitfalls of Private Practice

27:30 Benefits of Military Experience

30:07 Veteran Legal Mentorship Programs

34:52 Biggest Legal Marketing Mistakes

36:47 Focus of Jack’s Practice

39:43 Marketing Success Stories

42:10 Closing Thoughts

Jack’s practice, GuideOn Legal Services, pays homage to his Army roots, playing off the name of the flag carried by military units. The name of the practice is meant to signify the firm’s desire to continue supporting troops once they transition out of the armed forces and into civilian life. Look to GuideOn for services associated with estate planning and estate law, digital asset protection, and business law. Whether you serve or not, you can rest assured that Jack and his team will have you and your loved ones protected on and off the battlefield.

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- Jack Grimes of GuideOn Legal Services

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