Gary Brumley is an accomplished law firm administrator at Mallard Perez, PLLC, in Sarasota, Florida. He has over 13 years of human resources and management experience, which began during his time with the Kentucky National Guard. The Guard built his skill set within human resources management, finance, and victim advocacy—three areas of expertise he brings with him into the legal and administrative fields. Upon transitioning out of the military, Gary earned his MBA to expand upon his abilities as an HR and managerial professional.

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn

0:00 Introduction

1:35 Military Service

3:40 Why Leave the Military?

7:41 Working With Mallard Perez

10:16 Military Service After Basic Training

11:50 Public Sector vs. Private Sector

14:12 Challenges of Military to Civilian Life

19:47 Military Leadership in Law Practice

21:59 Advice for Veterans

25:24 Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid

28:40 Benefits of Military Experience

32:44 Gary’s Mentors

24:50 Working With Vet-Run Businesses

36:30 Biggest Marketing Mistakes

39:14 Transition Assistance Program

45:00 PGA H.O.P.E.

46:57 Closing Thoughts

Playing well with Gary’s strengths in victim advocacy, Mallard Perez, PLLC, is a personal injury law firm with expertise in everything from car accident injury cases to elder and child abuse cases. If you or a loved one are suffering the effects of an at-fault party’s negligence on the road, or even in the daycare, nursing home, and education systems, please reach out to their lawyers today to schedule a confidential consultation. Their legal team has been built with the goal of helping you and your family recover from such tragic events.

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