Robert Ingalls is a legendary podcast producer for those in the legal profession! A former trial attorney himself, Robert speaks the same language as his clients as they start their own law-focused podcasts. His business, LawPods, works with attorneys and law firms around the country to build their own series that reflect their unique backgrounds and perspectives as they pertain to practicing law.

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn

0:00 Introduction

3:20 How LawPods Got Started

9:33 Getting Into Podcasting

14:42 Leaving the Law

17:50 Following Your Passion

21:00 Robert’s Mentors

23:59 Learning From Mistakes

27:16 Investing in Yourself

30:49 How to Work With Lawyers

36:00 Working With FWM

42:15 Podcast Misconceptions

47:44 Wrapping Up

LawPods has grown considerably since its inception, from starting out working with small, local firms to landing larger institutions such as McGuireWoods, the Trial Lawyers University, and Foster Web Marketing’s very own Derrick Law Firm! Their podcast production team is familiar with effectively every discipline of law, size of firm, and personality of attorney that you can imagine. They produce great work for many law firms with fascinating stories. If your law firm matches that profile, reach out today!

Speakers Featured in This Episode

- Tom Foster of Foster Web Marketing
- Robert Ingalls of LawPods

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