Mark Powers is the president and founder of Atticus, an organization focused on coaching attorneys to build long-lasting legal practices that operate as efficiently as possible. Mark has been at this for the past 35 years, providing the strong foundation of experience and wisdom he shares with lawyers around the country. He has also co-authored Time Management for Attorneys; How Good Attorneys Become Great Rainmakers; Hire Slow, Fire Fast; A Law Firm’s Guide to Building a Championship Team; and Cash Flow & Profitability for law firms.


Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn

0:00 Introduction

1:46 What Is Atticus?

3:52 Beyond the Law

6:30 Building a Business to Sell

10:38 Having “Stupid Ideas”

12:37 Lawyers and Succession Planning

17:28 Facilitating Succession Process

22:46 Choosing the Right Leader

31:28 Working With Atticus

39:00 Wrapping Up

Atticus was developed to keep attorneys focused on the important aspects of their life, providing them with coaching and skill-building opportunities that help them develop the acumen necessary to build and maintain a sustainable legal practice. Further, the organization provides a structure of accountability and support for achieving the goals of both founders and their firms. If you are not happy with the direction your practice is heading, contact Mark’s team at Atticus today.

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- Mark Powers of Atticus, Inc.

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