Steve Fretzin is driven, focused, and passionate about helping attorneys reach their full potential. Over the past 17 years, he has devoted his career to helping lawyers master the art of business development to achieve their business goals and the peace of mind that comes with developing a successful law practice.

Steve is regarded as the premier coach, skills trainer, and keynote speaker on business development for attorneys.


Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn

0:00 Introduction

1:47 How Steve Got Started

3:20 Sales-Free Methodology

5:34 Importance of Legal Marketing

7:17 Steve’s First Client

10:06 Niche Legal Fields

12:36 Successful Lawyer Training

17:42 Steve’s Biggest Success Stories

21:37 Steve’s Biggest Mistakes

23:55 Managing Legal Wear & Tear

28:00 Steve’s Mentors

30:40 Daily Rituals and Routines

32:20 Wrapping Up

Fretzin, Inc. has 15 years of experience coaching lawyers through their careers. They provide the tools, coaching expertise, skill sets, and advisory services you need to establish consistently strong years of success in your firm. Discover the secret to their “Sales-Free Selling” program to see how you can improve your results with them. Enjoy your career and become that lawyer with Fretzin.

Speakers Featured in This Episode

- Tom Foster of Foster Web Marketing
- Steve Fretzin of Fretzin, Inc.

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