Stephanie Everett is CEO of Lawyerist, a major league coaching program for lawyers that is dedicated to improving its members’ lives through growing and sustaining a healthy business. She also hosts the popular Lawyerist Podcast, which is geared toward improving the workflow of law firms. On top of this, Stephanie has co-authored the bestselling book, The Small Firm Roadmap Revisited.


Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn

0:00 Introduction

2:12 How Stephanie Got Started

4:10 Deciding to Leave Big Law

5:41 Creating the ‘Lawyerist Podcast’

7:15 What Stands Out About Lawyerist

10:20 Process of Coaching Lawyers

15:39 Coaching Different Kinds of Lawyers

18:15 Biggest Client Success Stories

22:05 Stephanie’s Mentors

23:24 Daily Rituals and Routines

25:20 Wrapping Up

Lawyerist is a team of veteran legal professionals, tech enthusiasts, and business coaches dedicated to the improvement of lawyers’ lives and wellbeing in and out of the office. Their resources and expertise are effectively endless as they provide what you need to know about running your firm and getting more out of it. This isn’t a program that will tell you to simply charge more and work less. Instead, they work with you to develop solutions to your problems that keep work interesting. Check out the Lawyerist team today.

Speakers Featured in This Episode

- Tom Foster of Foster Web Marketing
- Stephanie Everett of Lawyerist

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