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Want to be a different kind of law firm? Looking to attract the best cases and clients? 

This is a home page video we shot for one of our very best clients, VBAttorneys. The production credit goes to Jim Folliard of Gearshift.tv, my video production partner. Brian and Vuk contributed to the creative process and came up with the theme "Information Is Power."

We filmed this on location in their offices in Houston, Texas. VBAttorneys practices international maritime and personal injury law.

Other notable items about the firm is that they represent the crew of the Maersk Alabama that was involved in the real story behind the 2013 movie Captain Phillips staring Tom Hanks.

This video has helped VBAttorneys get more cases and clients as it is an excellent conversion tool for "closing the deal" when referrals, leads and other prospects visit their website home page. It is a powerful message that demonstrates the charisma and power of the partners and gives the viewer a sense of what to expect.

If you or your firm are looking to create videos that really work, meaning they actually convert traffic into cases and clients, then you should talk to the professionals that know this marketing science. My partner and I have created over 6000 (as of this post) attorney focused videos. 

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