Free Offers From Attorneys are Powerful, When Done Right

Marketers have long embraced the power of the free offer. Studies prove that people are drawn to the word free like ants to a picnic. But to draw ants to your picnic, you'll need to carefully craft the marketing of your free offer and the offer itself.   

  • Your free offer has to deliver on what it promises. If you offer the free guide, "The Top Ten Tips for Women Considering a Divorce in Seattle" it damn well better have ten tips for unhappily married Seattle women.
  • Your free offer has to be outstanding. When people think free, they may also think low quality. Prove them wrong by delivering a book or report that is interesting, impeccably written, and includes high quality images.  
  • You have to market your free offer well. Many  people have grown skeptical of the word "free".  After all, free love was fun in the 60's, but like that love fest, free often leaves you with something that you'd rather not have--magazines you didn't know you had to pay for, a shipping charge, or some other obligation. So couch your terms very carefully. Be sure to say that your offer is "absolutely free" or that there is "no obligation".  

Need help creating an irresistible free offer? Call 888.886.0939. Our attorney content writers can help you pen a free book or guide that will advance your image as an expert in your field and dramatically increase your conversion rate.

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