Increased Traffic and Effortless Content Marketing Are Just a Few Reasons Shane Smith Loves Being a Premium Foster Web Marketing Client!

As a premium client of Foster Web Marketing, I’ve gotten a couple of different things. One, Foster Web does most of the stuff for me. For a long time, I was very busy in my practice and I would get distracted doing the legal stuff and I didn’t have time. I’d been to the seminars and they talked about add content, add content, add content – or even more difficult, go find some links!

If you’re like me, I liked to concentrate on the law part. I had good intentions in the very beginning. I would write a bunch of content. I did that for about four days and after that I quit doing it!

As a premium client, Foster Web handles a vast majority of the content. They add a lot every single month. They also work on getting links, which I’ve found that unless it’s just go buy a link it’s almost impossible for me, unless it’s just a link back from Facebook to my page. So they get those more difficult links. Over time I’ve seen my rankings go up for the vanity keywords, but I’ve also seen my overall traffic increase.

Additionally, Tom has been great to work with. I can shoot him or Connie an email and they’re usually quick to respond, or help me with the very specific issues that I have. So overall it’s been very good for me and for my firm.