Want MORE Cases?

Want to know how we get MORE cases and clients for our partners?

We like to have fun at FWM! So check out this video to learn about the impact of content on your quality score, and how more good content equals more good cases! 

Tom: “So Matt, tell me how our new client is growing.”

Matt: “They are doing great! They’re adding more good content and as a results, getting more great traffic.”

“Growth…is good. What about leads? Are they getting about more leads? Are they getting more cases and clients?”

“They are getting more good leads but I won’t know how many more clients they’ve signed up until their conversion report comes out.”

“That’s some good growth. What about pay per click?”

"Their quality score is going up so their spend is less.”

“Holy Final Frontier! Well that gives our guys more money to spend on what works, while the competition spends more money on what doesn’t.”

“Tom, marketing is long term. More good content is the key to more good leads”

“You know what Matt, we can’t say that anymore than we already do. Ahead—warp factor nine.”

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