Having Trouble Hiring the Right People?

This week on the Legal Marketing Edge, Tom Foster interviews Jay Henderson, founder of Real Talent Hiring. Real Talent Hiring is a unique service that helps business owners make the right hiring decisions for their company. Unlike many tools on the market, Real Talent Hiring doesn't base reports on behavior, they rely instead on objective, scientific data.

The service helps lawyers, podiatrists, dentists, an increasing number of hospital corporations, as well as other small businesses, including Foster Web Marketing, gain success by measuring how prospective employees think & make decisions to determine if they are a good fit. In this video, Jay explains some of the top goals when hiring, as well as many of the common mistakes that you may be making.

For more information, or to find out how Jay and the team at Real Talent Hiring can improve your hiring process, visit realtalenthiring.com, or call 877.863.7133.

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