Businesses should have a Facebook page, and law firms are no exception. But having a Facebook page won’t help grow your business unless you are growing a Facebook following. This is why Tom Foster created a short video to teach you how you can use this popular social media site to help advance your brand.

There are three top tips to growing a Facebook following, including:

  1. Post daily
  2. Keep it natural
  3. Respond to comments

You may already know that attorney social media marketing involves daily Facebook posts, but do you know how much to post or what you should be posting? By posting once or twice a day and keeping your posts interesting, likeable, and sharable, your followers won’t feel like you are spamming them or trying to sell them on something. If you are struggling with what to post, you can always share a relevant article from a reputable site. Remember, to check your business’ Facebook page for comments so that you can respond in a timely manner—showing you are interested in your followers’ input.

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