How Can I Get Better Conversion Results For My Podiatric Practice?

Using the unique content management system Dynamic Self Syndication (DSS), lawyers and podiatrists around the country are seeing increases in their website conversion. Created by the marketing professionals at Foster Web Marketing, DSS allows clients to maintain and update their site quickly and efficiently. It allows you to manage all of the necessary elements for successful website marketing through one, accessible portal. Users can post article and blog posts, video content, testimonials, even downloads of their books and website offers.

In this video testimonial, Dr. Brandt Gibson explains how after first taking a stab at his own website design, he found Foster Web Marketing and knew he needed to use DSS to create a website that would really reach potential clients. Like many other podiatrists and other podiatrists across the country, Gibson is achieving two to three times the conversion result with only half the work in maintaining his website.

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