Even the most well-designed lawyer website can struggle in getting a high level of traffic. In this video, Tom, Gretchen and Danielle from attorney website design firm Foster Web Marketing discuss how to get more visitors to your website.

Tom explains that to have more visitors to your website, you need to write more and better online content. This will not just generate more traffic to your website. It will also attract the kind of visitors that you want.

Having the right kind of visitors can bolster your lead generation and conversation rate, which are values that matter more than just the number of visitors that your website has.

As Danielle points out, you can generate more traffic by writing an article for your website about a topical news item. However, these visitors may all just quickly leave your site once landing there. Instead, it is important to write content that answers the questions of your target clientele. These visitors will be interested in your content, may stay longer on your site, and may provide contact info.

Gretchen continues by suggesting that you focus on the questions your ideal customer is asking. Also, think about the follow-on questions they may ask and write informative answers. You can do this by creating frequently asked questions pages on your website.

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