A content block is a series of pieces written on a single theme. For example, if you are a divorce attorney, you may write a blog, library article, news item and FAQ about filing for custody. Each piece you write builds on the other, giving readers a chance to dive into a subject. Ideally, these pieces are posted within a week of one another and are linked to each another.

Linking the articles to one another, and explaining a different aspect of the theme in each piece, can boost your SEO, encourage user engagement and increase conversion rates.  

This is because content themes allow you to go into depth about a subject that interests your target demographic. Instead of a just a brief blog about an important topic, you can build multiple articles, presenting yourself as an authority on the subject and truly informing your audience.

Also, content blocks can cause the "Rabbit Hole Effect". You know when you go onto a news website to read a single article, only to find yourself still on the site, 20 minutes later, four articles deep? This is referred to as "going down the rabbit hole". When done right, content themes can produce this effect, increasing user engagement and asserting yourself as an expert in your field.

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