How to Write a Good Page Title

Page titles are an important part of attracting potential clients to your lawyer website and to ultimately generate leads. Learn how to write an effective page title by watching this video, which features the founder and top executives of Foster Web Marketing.

As they explain, the first place to start is to consider what would make an interesting title. Imagine phrasing a title in a way that would make you want to click on it.

Some authors tend to cram keywords in a title, thinking that it will help with search engines. While this approach may look attractive to the Google crawlers, it does not mean that it will even be readable to a potential client.

So, focus on structuring the page title in a way that either answers or promises to answer your potential client’s questions.

Crafting effective headlines can be challenging. One suggested way of overcoming this is to examine successful news organizations’ headlines. For example, try looking at People Magazine, TMZ, or even the Huffington Post.

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