Do you still drive the same car you did in high school? Are you using the same television set from 2 decades ago? Of course not! Technology advances and you change with it. The same concept applies to an attorney website. You really shouldn’t be caught with an outdated design. Your prospects and clients expect more!

Gerry Oginski, one of the smartest attorneys I know, gives a pictorial timeline of where he started out with his website in 2004 and where he is today. This video is a fun view on how website design has advanced over the last several years.

Gerry chose the Custom Redesign + Upgrade

You can see how Gerry’s website began, which was with a two-column standard design. When that design became a thing of the past, Gerry knew he had to update it. Over the years, he stayed up with the times and utilized the latest attorney website designs. More recently, he went through a “website rejuvenation,” as he calls it, which he describes as a total transformation. He now has a very video-centric, clean and attractive website. If you want to check it out, Gerry will take you step-by-step through his website in the video.

Here is a great line from the video: “My best recommendation is if you have not jumped on the bandwagon to rejuvenate and get your website changed using the latest technology, you absolutely need to, to say ahead of the curve.”

Thanks, Gerry, for the kind words!

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