It Pays to be a Drip: Net New Clients With a Drip Campaign

A drip of water is tiny, insignificant. But if you want to convert clients, you better embrace the power of the drip. Because while a single drip of water may not amount to much, a steady stream of drips can overflow an ocean.

A drip campaign is a series of emails, letters and postcards that follow a person's request for your free offer. After they receive the offer--be it via snail mail or email--they begin to receive strategically timed correspondence from your law firm. When done well, the drips show that you care and are able to answer the questions on the requesters mind.  

Your steady drip of emails will reach those who were interested enough in your law firm to take the time to request a book. These people are your target market. After all, they have already visited your website, saw what you were all about, and decided that what you had to say mattered.

With a killer free offer and well planned drip campaign in place, you may soon find yourself flooded with highly motivated clients who have already decided that you are the attorney for them.   

Don't have time to implement a drip campaign? Call 888-886-0939. We would love to open the flood gates by helping you take full advantage of this extremely effective attorney marketing technique.


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