“Last Christmas My Website Really Sucked”

Happy Holidays from all of us at Foster Web Marketing!!


Last Christmas, my website really stunk,

I wasn’t getting clients - was in a super funk,

But this year, to save me from those tears,

I knew I had to find someone special.

Oh Google, Last Christmas I gave you all my money,

But my pay-per-click sucked - that wasn't very funny.

I got nothing from my big ad spend,

I just watched my bank account descend.

Those other web dudes, why are you so cruel?

I gave you all my money and you made me such a fool.

But this year, unlike last year,

I’m gonna get my website working.

So Santa, won't you please help me,

I’m desperate and determined and don’t have lots of money,

And I need to spend it wisely,

With someone who will treat me nicely.

Google Page One, why can’t I have some,

I don’t know who to trust and I don’t know SEO,

So for this year, I want to persevere,

I hired Foster Web Marketing.

Thank you, Santa for my new website.

Foster Web’s crew, they really know what to do.

How to get solid page ranking,

Now I’m not worried about my site tanking (again).

They taught me, how to write great content,

How to focus on conversion to get the perfect client,

How to follow-up - sign the clients that I want,

So excited at how well it’s working today

Now This Christmas, things are looking up!

I’m getting lots of clients - just like the ones I want.

By using DSS, I really must confess,

My website is finally working like I want

Now! this Christmas, things are looking up!

I’m getting lots of clients - but JUST the ones I want,

I am using DSS to get me out of this mess,

My website is finally working for me now.

A big, giant Thank You to all of our clients, partners, friends, and family…

Cast & Credits:

John Spare as “the guy”

Matt Casey as “the evil web dude from stingers.com” (a fictional web company…)

Thomas Foster as “the Elf on the Shelf”

Zach Stone as “Santa Claus”

Gretchen Upright as “Head Elf in Charge”

David Waiter as himself on guitar

Tom Foster as himself on guitar

Toby Crandall as “the cranky IT guy” (in an adult onesie)

Additional Thanks to:

Aly Klush

Joanna Fuentes

Jamie Kelly

Susie Bacus

Yung Jeng

Shannon Gifford

Christina Lebron

Buster Tate

Shot and edited by Jim Folliard of Gearshift.TV

“Last Christmas My Website Really Sucked” Lyrics by Tom Foster & Zach Stone

Legal Disclaimer: Last Christmas was written by Wham! (we just did our own version)

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