In order to grow your practice, you realize that you need to invest in your business. One effective way of promoting your business is to invest in advertising. But how much money should you be investing in attorney television ads? If you are wondering what a typical media buying budget for TV advertising looks like, watch this video to learn more.

A good advertising budget for lawyer TV ads will differ depending on the market. Additionally, advertising costs will vary from station to station. If you are looking to buy time on primetime television or want your commercials to air during some of the most popular shows, your budget will need to be fairly large. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you can still get the frequency of ads you need to reach your target audience—just not on the number one station. Ultimately, it only matters how many people see your ad and not if your commercial is or isn’t on the number one or number two station in the market.

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