This video presents Virginia reckless driving speeding and DUI lawyer Bob Battle and Tom Foster, CEO of Foster Web Marketing, as they discuss the benefits of a lawyer website database. 

Mr. Battle is the owner of Bob Battle Law, which focuses on Virginia DUI and reckless driving speeding cases. He is a well-known Virginia lawyer with over 27 years of experience. In his years working to build his successful practice, he has recognized the importance of having a high-value online presence.

To accomplish this, Mr. Battle has tons of free information about DUI and reckless driving speeding cases, including videos, consumer guides, and other online content. An important effect of having this information is in generating leads and having a high online conversion.

The approach is to attract, convert, and retain clientele. Once he has the contact information of potential client, he always enters the information into his database—even if he is not going to represent them. The reason is that the potential clientele may need someone down the road or may provide a referral. 

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