Lawyer Website Design Firm on Bobblehead Marketing

This video covers an unconventional marketing strategy that involves the use of a bobblehead. CEO of Foster Web Marketing, Tom Foster, and Virginia DUI and reckless driving speeding lawyer Bob Battle, sit down to discuss this fun and different marketing approach.

Mr. Battle explains that bobbleheads can be ordered and made by anyone. Also, he makes them available for his clients. He explains that if anyone makes him smile or just happy, he sends them a bobblehead.

He explains that when someone provides a referral, he sends a bobblehead out. He has also sent out the bobblehead to people that are doing work that he likes, such as working for charities.

Tom explains that Mr. Battle is using a perfect example of attention-grabbing marketing that many lawyers can learn from. This type of unconventional marketing works well when combined with marketing approaches such as search engine optimization—which Foster Web Marketing provides. Mr. Battle attests to the value of using Foster Web Marketing and has referred many people to the marketing firm.

Focus on the marketing that matters. Focus on marketing that provides a high return on investment and call a website design firm that shares this focus. Call Foster Web Marketing today at 888.886.0939.

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