Why One Virginia Consumer Lawyer Loves the Freedom he Has to Change His Law Firm’s Website

One of the great things about the Foster Web Marketing website is that we have an ability from my office to change my website. I don’t have to come up to Foster Web Marketing and say, “Hey, fix this word or put this stuff in.” I’m able to put in the video you’re watching today myself if I wanted to. I’m able to change the language on here. When the law evolves we change it. When my case changes, or when I have new cases, I don’t need to come to Foster Web Marketing to make these mechanical changes. We can do that straight from our site through their particular program that we are able to make changes to the site that we think are appropriate. That can be done to keep current so that our website is constantly changing, and we’re constantly adding new information so that every time someone comes here, it’s not the same old site that you saw six months ago. There’s new information that you can constantly come back to and help them with their situation.

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