Webinar: Keyword Data is Gone

Keyword Data is Gone! Is it Time to Panic?
(Although you should be concerned)
The day of reckoning has come for SEO companies who have been telling clients that success lies in being found for particular keywords. Now that Google has taken away all keyword data for organic search, the age of keyword mania has ended. This means that if keyword measurement is how you've been determining your website's effectiveness, it's time for you to re-examine your marketing strategy.
Are you freaking out? Curious about the fallout? Then this webinar is for you!
In this month's webinar you will learn:
    •    Why Google decided to do this in the first place
    •    How secure search affects SEO
    •    How to measure your traffic in Google Analytics without relying on keywords
    •    Tools you can use instead of Google Analytics
    •    Plus so much more
So check out the video above to learn how to succeed in the increasingly challenging world of web marketing and SEO!

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