Finding the Best Web Marketer for Your Law Firm

“The big reason why we selected Foster Web Marketing is actually an interesting story. Cory and I had been looking to do Internet marketing, doing websites. We’ve actually done it in the past…without very much success. We were not very happy with some of the other companies we’ve used that were from the West Coast.

“My sister is a web-based marketing person who did a lot of work for different companies in Oregon. She started a family and she didn’t want to do that anymore, and she’d really been helping us along with our marketing as we were transitioning away from a company that we were really unhappy with. So she was helping us out and she and I were sitting down talking about what we should do is we need to find a company that has really promoted a personal injury law firm in another jurisdiction, another state, and city that’s comparable to Las Vegas."

“And so she began searching and she found a couple websites that were in Washington—and I forget the other locations—but she found that Foster Web Marketing had been the company that was doing their web marketing. So she said, ‘You know what? You should call them. I don’t see them doing anything in Southern Nevada. Call them and see what they can do for you, because it looks like they’ve done a really good job in these other jurisdictions for these other attorneys.’ 

“And so that kind of started the entire conversation. Honestly, she did a lot of the research for us, because I was busy. But she would pull things up from different websites and say, ‘I really like this! I really like this!’ And so she’d pulled up a couple different companies that she liked who had done work for different law firms in different cities, and she said, ‘Foster Web Marketing is the company I would recommend you call. I just like all of their stuff. Other guys, I’ve liked some—not everything—but I would call them first.’

And so that’s what we did.”

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