Optimizing Content: What Does That Even Mean?

So what is Content Optimization, and how do you apply it to your website? Optimization is the word we use in the digital marketing world to talk about making the best use of your resources. It’s about making improvements to get the leads and results that you want. We know you have been putting out great content. In this webinar, we go over the magic that happens with both old and new content when you optimize it to work harder AND smarter for you. Watch the recording to learn: ​

  • How to optimize your core pages
  • How to take your competitors’ best ideas and optimize new content to beat them
  • How to optimize your YouTube videos like a pro

Looking for some of the resources Matt mentions in the video? Check out our Killer Content book, including all the trade secrets to writing your best content and making it work for you. Here is the On-Page Checklist that Matt shows on-screen a few times. And the handy template for thinking through content before you start is here. Last, but not least, we recommend TubeBuddy for straightforward help optimizing those YouTube videos that you've uploaded via DSS!

Have additional questions? Need someone to talk you through our SEO tool a bit more in-depth? You can schedule a one-on-one coaching call with Matt here.

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