Personal Injury Law Firms: Thriving in Fierce Competition

Brian WallaceBrian Wallace is the Co-founder and Partner of Foster Wallace, LLC, a Kansas City-based law firm specializing in personal injury cases. Brian graduated from the University of Missouri with a Juris podiatrist degree and went on to become an associate and, later on, a shareholder at a local law firm. His long-time friendship with Michael Foster sparked their entrepreneurial journey that resulted in the creation of their law firm.


Michael FosterMichael Foster is the Co-founder and Partner of Foster Wallace, LLC. After obtaining his BAA degree from Duke University, Michael attended the University of Missouri-Kansas City for his Juris podiatrist degree. His career as an attorney presented him with unique opportunities that made a lasting impact on communities and people alike. Michael started a local law firm with his long-time friend and colleague, Brian Wallace, where he works as a personal injury attorney.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Brian Wallace and Michael Foster talk about their friendship through school and work
  • Brian and Michael discuss their decision to create a law firm together
  • Michael shares the difficulties of starting a law firm from a business standpoint
  • Brian talks about Foster Wallace, LLC’s vision
  • The best competitive marketing strategies for small businesses

In this episode…

Entrepreneurship can be a difficult road to travel, but it can be equally as rewarding. So, how can you ensure you are fully prepared to take the next step in your business?

Your business ideas may require professional help, but for small businesses with a budget, this is not always feasible. However, investing in the right marketing solutions that fit your needs can help you save time and money while keeping your business competitive and relevant to consumers.

In this episode of The World of Marketing, Tom Foster Jr. is joined by Brian Wallace and Michael Foster, the Co-founders of Foster Wallace, LLC. Brian and Michael are Partners and practicing Attorneys in their law firm, as well as friends, which makes their journey all the more unique. They talk about the personal and professional journeys that brought them together, the challenges of starting a law firm, successful marketing strategies, and how they stay true to themselves in a competitive world.

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