You took the time to create videos for your attorney website, but do you have a plan on how to release them? Releasing videos in the correct way can benefit your law firm’s search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your site.  To find out more about our strategy for releasing videos, watch this video to learn more.

Slowly releasing videos is a critical Internet marketing technique to make sure Google knows your website is still alive. By slowly releasing videos and content, you will manage to maintain the attention of search engines and stay in the forefront of potential clients’ minds. If all you did was release a massive amount of videos once a year, your legal website would not be garnering the amount of attention that it could if you slowly release your videos spread throughout a month. This video strategy has done wonders for many attorney websites already.

Make sure your law firm is spacing out your videos and taking advantage of this key video marketing strategy. To learn more about attorney video marketing, please call Foster Web Marketing at 888.886.0939.

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